Village Hearing Center aims to improve quality of life through affordable hearing assistance services and products. We provide free Video Ear Inspection and free Audiometric Testing in any of our five convenient locations in northern Maryland and south central Pennsylvania. In an effort to bring the best experience possible we provide In-Home appointments and interest free short-term financing as well as low interest long-term financing with payments as low as $50.00 per month.

We sell and service all hearing aids from all major manufacturers and have been educated in Hearing Instrument Sciences with specialized training in Digital and Programmable hearing systems.

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We sell and perform repair services on an extensive variety of hearing aids and hearing accessories including custom in-the-ear , open fit (behind-the-ear) and Bluetooth / Wireless aids.  Our accessories include hearing aid batteries, cleaning tools, TV ears, home phones with improved amplification, ear molds, ear plugs and much more!

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For over 20 years we have been providing hearing aid support services in the South Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland areas. We provide a free hearing consultation which enables us to learn about your lifestyle to determine the best product to suit your needs. Visit one of our convenient five locations or schedule a free consultation in your own home! Once the best product is chosen we will measure to create a custom fit for maximum comfort. In just 7 – 10 days your product will arrive and we will provide you with all the information necessary to care for your product. Our services don’t stop there we will continue to provide an exceptional experience by carrying accessories and tools to care for your device.

Interest free financing is available through CareCredit for as little as $50 per month! Our products are up to 50% off major competitors!

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About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss effects not only the individual experiencing the loss but those surrounding that individual as well. The inability to hear properly can cause individuals to feel a loss of independence and can ultimately lead to increased isolation from others and their outside environment. Many individuals who experience hearing loss will withdraw from activities they general enjoy to avoid communication barriers. See our F.A.Q. for more facts and frequently asked questions about hearing loss.

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– Seeking help –

Individuals who experience hearing loss may find it difficult to seek help. Even with the encouragement of family and friends, taking the next step can be a difficult task. Some feel ashamed or even embarrassed due to hearing loss but it is important to note that roughly 36 million Americans experience some degree of hearing loss [NIH]. At Village Hearing our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible to help you achieve the quality of life you deserve!

– Helping a loved one – 

As a friend or family member of someone dealing with the challenges of hearing loss, it can be difficult to convey how important improving hearing can be. It may be easiest if you are armed with the knowledge to help refute any false claims about hearing loss and hearing aids. First suggesting that the individual receive a free hearing exam at one of our four convenient locations or scheduling a free home visit is the first step to improving their quality of life.

Reminding the individual that the majority of healthcare physicians don’t routinely screen for hearing loss may provide additional incentive to schedule a free exam. Many individuals fear that their hearing loss will become obvious however many hearing aid styles today are sleek and some are even invisible! If cost is their main object you can let them know that our prices beat most competitors up to 50% and no interest short-term financing and low cost long-term financing for all credit types are readily available.


F. A. Q

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  • Choosing the proper hearing aid is important and depends on your budget, style preferences and hearing needs. The best way to determine what hearing aid is right for you is to schedule a free consultation. During your free consultation we will determine your hearing needs through comprehensive testing and ear inspections. We provide a free 60 day trial period so you can be sure you get the perfect fit!

  • In addition to improving your hearing and communication, you will find yourself once again able to enjoy hobbies and traveling which limited by your poor hearing.  You may find your social experiences become much more enjoyable. Even more importantly, research shows that hearing loss can be linked to the onset of dementia. 

  • Primary care physicians don’t routinely test for hearing loss. This is why we offer free consultations complete with ear inspection and hearing testing. 

  • We want everyone to enjoy to be able to improve their quality of life which is why we offer several financing options to best fit your budget! We offer short-term interest free financing as well as long-term low interest financing for all credit types through CareCredit

  • Once you have received your free consultation and we have found the perfect style and taken measurements, you can expect your hearing aids to arrive for fitting in roughly 10 days!

  • In addition to age, hearing loss can actually be hereditary. Loss can also be noise induced or caused by injury or trauma to the head. 

  • The cost of hearing aids has come down significantly in recent years and now last twice as long and are much smaller. New technology allows devices to be programmed which not only provides a better fit for your current hearing needs but allows them to be re-programmed should your hearing needs change over time.

  • Yes! All devices we supply support both the use of cellular and home phones with no additional equipment necessary! We even carry devices that improve your television listening experience without disrupting others!

  • New technology allows us to program your hearing aid for your individual needs. If your needs change over time we can make adjustments so that your device will suit your needs for many years to come! 

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